What is the best time to dive with the Mola Mola

Also called Moon Fish, Mola Mola are born in temperate and tropical waters. They live on the high seas, in warm waters above 12 ° c and swim to depths of 600 meters. The mass is on average 1 thousand kilogram. Almost as high as long, the Mola Mola can make up to 3.20 meters wingspan. Despite of its size, the Mola Mola is not dangerous for the man and it is accustomed to the presence of the divers. We don’t know a lot of things about the Mola Mola that is why he is still a mysterious specie. What we do know is that he hold two world records, the first one for being the heaviest bony fish and the second one is for laying the most eggs.  

We can see Mola Mola all year round around Bali. The Mola Mola spends much of its life at a depth of less than 200 meters, so it is when they go up and in particular from July to the end of November that they can be observed. When the Mola Mola go up, we can sometimes see Angel fish waiting between 25 and 50 meters to clean them.

The Mola Mola can be seen everywhere in southeast Bali, in the Lombok Strait and especially around the Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida islands. They gather at certain sites and with the luck one can sometimes see a dozen during a dive on the same site thanks to a visibility that can reach up to 40 meters in sector between July and October. However, they are seen more generally alone or in groups of two or three. Divers generally see them in depths ranging from 6 meters to 65 meters deep.

Note that in this sector, the marine currents are important and the dives are often drift (one follows the current not to be tired). Because of the current, some sites are only accessible to experienced divers.

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