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Located right in the middle of the coral triangle, Indonesia is an epicenter of biodiversity. It’s 18 000 islands host more marine life than anywhere else on the planet. With more than 600 coral and 3000 fish species Indonesia’s cost line will outstand you each time you go underwater. The diversity of the dive possible, exhilarating drift diving, extensive reef diving, fantastic night diving, unique muck diving and breathtaking steep walls will make every diver happy. Tec divers explore the deep trenches and wrecks divers live the many World War II relics. Bali is known for its giant sunfish encounters, Mola Mola, and has some stunning drop-offs. Komodo where strong current encounters create a lively ecosystem. Up to north is Sulawesi with fabulous diving at Lembeh Strait, Bunaken and Manado. Wakatobi’s drop off is renowned for its action and color, with everything from blue ringed octopus and ghost pipefish to resident see turtles. Raja Ampat, the jewels of Indonesia is liveaboard country. The size of the corals cannot be match somewhere else. The waters host the biggest diversity with more than 1200 marine life species. And the best dive sites have still yet to be discovered, Indonesia has something to offer for all divers.



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